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Gail Mason

Certified Hypnotist


My name is Gail Mason. I learned hypnosis from Devin Hastings, author and international speaker on the subject of hypnosis and how it is proven to help people with a wide variety of medical conditions. Devin is the author of several books including 21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For The Healing Power  Of The Mind. Devin has taught around the U.S. and overseas to a wide variety of organizations and corporations. Devin is president of the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills which is one of very few Minnesota state licensed schools in the fields of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have the wisdom shared from a great teacher. My goal is to help you create your amazing life. I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the worlds largest hypnosis organization. My titles include: Hypnotist, Hypnosis Practitioner, and Stress Management Consultant.


Disclosure: The Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 141.21 to 141.32. Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to other institutions.

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